Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 – Is it the best affiliate program?

“When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take the chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be” 

Did I relate well in the above quote? ….. yes I did.

If you are here because you are looking for an honest review about Wealthy Affiliate, you come to the right place.

In this review I will explain why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice to affiliate yourself to learn about affiliate marketing and start an online or internet marketing business.

And I hope that it will help you consider or decide to try the program and that this review  merits your trust and confidence in the company.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a 12-year old legitimate internet marketing company owned and operated by two very passionate and successful internet marketers, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Kim from Victoria, British Columbia.

It started in 2005 as a membership site providing keyword lists specifically catering to help internet marketers learn and utilize keywords for their websites and niches.

As they progress to the following years from the day they started in 2005 with the first 50 members, hiring their first employee to hiring more employees, developing and launching their own website hosting platform Site Rubix to developing tutorial and video courses and more to launching WA premium and until now, innovations after innovations has been implemented and today after more than 12 years,  there are tens of thousands members who are learning about internet marketing and thousands of them have already reaped the fruit of their labor and enjoying the benefits of having an online business.

In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate will continue to rule the world of internet marketing.  Why?

First and foremost  is the honesty and sincerity of Kyle and Carson whose goals are to teach many people what they have learned from their experiences as successful online entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of becoming a member at Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best benefits you can have in building your online marketing business. It is the best place to start your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur.

Firstly, Kyle and Carson even if they are the owners are just like anybody else. They hang out in the community to welcome new members, give encouragement, help and support and answer questions whenever necessary.

Now, let’s jump in to what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you.

The data below will show you the difference between a free membership and premium membership.

wealthy affiliate, internet marketing, online marketing

As shown above the free membership includes the following.

  • Live help – first 7 days. Even during the first day of your free membership you will at once experience how awesome, caring and supportive the community of Wealthy Affiliate is. You will be warmly welcomed and whenever you need help, a co-member is there at once to help you.
  • 2 Free Websites – Creating a website and figuring how to do it yourself is really overwhelming if you really don’t have the know how and the skills. Believe me, you will end up frustrated unless you have enough patience and time to sit all day in front of the computer and still end up with nothing. The first online training that I signed up to was the Learn To Blog back in 2014 and I paid $97 for that course. But the money was wasted because I didn’t learn anything at all. There was no real support.
  • Website Backup – Websites need backup in order not to lose any of the contents you wrote or created for your website. Every day, it is done for you so you don’t have to worry about it but likewise you will be taught how to save backups.
  • Beginner Training Course – You will be provided a step by step training on how to create your first website. Isn’t it awesome? Absolutely.
  • Personal Affiliate Blog – Imagine having your own personal blog where you can write almost about anything, your experiences, your success or anything that you’d like to write about.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training Phase 1 – Affiliate Bootcamp is where you will be provided training to easily make your first sale and Phase 1 includes 31 lessons in all.
  • Video Walk Throughs – You will know how to easily navigate your WA profile through the video walk throughs.
  • Keyword Searches Tool – 30 searches – Keywords are phrases that are relevant to your niche which will help you rank in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.
  • Training Classrooms – 2 – You will have the feel of how the classroom training are conducted and will help you evaluate if it’s relevant for you or not.
  • Affiliate Program –  granted access  to the program on how you will be able to earn and how it works.
  • Earn while you Learn – you will have the opportunity to earn while learning about internet marketing.
  • 1-on-1 coaching – first 7 days – you will experience how it is to be coached by a well experienced and successful internet marketers who will assist you whenever you are encountering difficulty or problems.

If you are curious and wants to experience how Wealthy Affiliate works you can try signing up here for free…

affiliate marketing, online marketing business

The premium membership which is priced at $49.00/month or $359.00/year of course includes all the above mentioned plus even more perks which is non comparable to other affiliate programs. Keep on reading…

  • Unlimited Chat – you can chat whenever you like, you can ask questions about anything for example something related to building a website you will be amazed how fast the answers arrives.
  • Private Messaging – you can send a message privately to Kyle or Carson or anyone for that matter and ask questions regarding anything related to your membership.
  • 50 Websites – you can build 50 websites at WA’s own website hosting platform SiteRubix. You can have 25 of those with your own domain which really doesn’t cost you that much for a year and the other 25 is hosted for free.
  • Website Security Package – you will be assured that your website data is secured and you are getting a high quality hosting platform which is included in your premium membership. Other web hosting platform offers $76 or even $249 per month with the same quality as offered at WA but at a more affordable price plus much more.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training All Phases – All 7 Phases and lessons under each phases.  Examples of these are the following:
  1. Phase 1 – Getting your Business Rolling which includes 31 lessons
  2. Phase 2 – Contents, Keywords and Convertions which includes 30 lessons.
  3. Phase 3 – Giving your site Social Value which has 30 lessons.

From these examples alone you will be able to learn ton of information about online marketing and how it can really help you and change your life for the better.

For me creating a website myself is already a big deal. It made me proud that now I am able to tell my husband who is an IT professional and also a website builder that I am able to build a website myself. 🙂

  • Keyword Tool – Unlimited Searches – WA has its own keyword search tool and you can have unlimited access to it.
  • Training Classrooms – 12 Lessons about WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing to name a few.
  • Affiliate Program – 2x higher payout than when you are a free member only.
  • 1- on -1 Coaching – unlimited access to coaches.
  • Private Access To Owners – you will be able to talk, ask questions or email Kyle and Carson directly.
  • 24/7/365 Website Support – if you will have questions regarding your website, you will be answered in a matter of seconds or minutes.
  • Website Feedback Platform – you can request a feedback on your website like what needs to be improved.
  • Website Comment Platform – you can ask for comments on your pages and posts relevant to your website
  • Website Analysis – you will be given a website report once you use this analysis.

Start your Online Marketing Business at the Home of Affiliate Marketing…

Did I convince you enough that this is the best place to start your online marketing business?

Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft said….

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”  

There have been a lot of businesses that closed because they didn’t believe and adapt that was brought about by these changes.

Wealthy Affiliate  is nothing like any other company  when it comes to unparalleled education and training plus the unwavering support of the owners and all the members, veterans and newbies alike.

If you are really contemplating on starting an online marketing business please consider trying the Wealthy Affiliate for free and if you decide that it is right for you and decided to go premium, awesome… you made the right decision, congratulations!” 

Remember the benefits you will get as a free member and the additional perks as a premium member. Plus a community of like-minded individuals who are already successful and those who are also trying to curve a name in the web space and who are extremely helpful and supportive of everybody.

Help others  solve their problems…

Use your talent, passion and knowledge by helping others solve their problems.

By becoming a member of  Wealthy Affiliate you will have the opportunity to help people even if it’s only a percentage of the billions of people searching for answers to their problems via the internet.

In the process by helping them you help yourself too by earning on the side and as you become more skillful and knowledgeable it can progress to a full time income and gives you financial freedom eventually.

Now is the best time to start an online business and creating something that can last a lifetime.

Some of the prominent successful online entrepreneurs has been encouraging us when they said….


“Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second income” – Warren Buffet, investor, CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

“To obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner or an investor, or both, generating passive income particularly on a monthly basis” – Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

And last but not the least….

“Action is the foundational key to all success” – Pablo Picasso – painter

Take action now and start today!

internet marketing, affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate

If you sign up today, you have done something that your future self will thank you for.

And if you will have any questions or problems with regards to your membership or training inside the Wealthy Affiliate I will be more than happy to assist and help you.

All the best,

Arline 🙂




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2 Comments on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 – Is it the best affiliate program?”

  1. Hi Arline,
    I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), now going on my 3rd year.
    I am always interested in reading the perspective of other WA members.
    It is no surprise that their experience is mostly all positive.
    You described all the benefits in your article perfectly.
    Then there is the cost, nobody complains about the free membership level. Anybody can sign up free and stay free forever if they wish.
    If you really want to boost your online business to the next level then you can sign up for the Premium level.
    Although it is a monthly or yearly fee (BTW…it is much cheaper yearly ) the cost of secure level website hosting of up to 25 websites is peanuts compared to other web hosting sites like Godaddy. With the training, I received from Wealthy Affiliate, like you, I learned how to build my own website. Now, I am building websites for others, and one of those is hosted on GoDaddy…it is unbelievable how much you need to upgrade from the advertised prices at GoDaddy.
    Every upgrade or add-on will cost you $$/ month, ending up costing more / month just for “One” comparable website hosted at WA.
    At least at Wealthy Affiliate, you get to host another 24 websites, have access to live chat with a like-minded community, training, webcasts and 24hr technical support to name a few advantages.

    Keep up the great work at helping others find the right place to start their online business!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. I just boarded last April 10 and gone premium at once that day. That’s how fast my decision was. 🙂 You might ask why? Simple, I knew at once that it was what I was looking for to learn about affiliate marketing and more. And my experiences so far until now has been amazing. Aside from the education I am getting which is superb, the community is awesome. If you are having an issue about for example building your website, in a matter of seconds or minutes you get the answer at once. I totally agree with you for only $49/month and at a discounted price/year, you get a whole package of online education, video training, community support plus you can build as much websites as you want totaling up to 50 without paying for upgrades. Isn’t that something?

      My hope is that I will be able to help others start an online business because I believe that they will be able to acquire the education they need to begin with at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you and your family more success.

      Kind regards,
      Arline 🙂

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