DIGITAL ALTITUDE REVIEW : Is it legit or a scam?


Website :

Price : $37/mo. plus more upsells

Owner : Michael Force

Overall Rank : 6 stars out of 10


In March of this year, on the 22nd to be exact, I came across Digital Altitude while watching a YouTube video.

It was an enticing advertisement and I was convinced to click it and without hesitation signed in and gave my email address but the most convincing was the $1.00 offer to try and start the business training for 14 days and then after that you can decide whether to continue or not.

So the usual welcome email was sent to me. (see photo below)

Now, let’s dive into what Digital Altitude really is?

Digital Altitude is a digital company which aims to help and teach aspiring digital entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity how to start and grow a profitable business online.

It is also a Multi Level Marketing kind of business where you will be paid commissions based on your referrals.

It is founded by Michael Force who is a former US Marine soldier, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a leading industry expert when it comes to digital entrepreneurship.

He had been in the business for more than 15 years and created (or part of) several online businesses as well. Some of these are Carboncopy Pro or Pro U, Six Figure Mentors and Empower Network.

Digital Altitude has 5 different digital products, These are :

1. ASPIRE – a Digital Business Sales System

In order to start you would have to either choose on 3 programs.

  • Walker which cost $37/month
  • Hiker @ $67/month
  • Climber @ $127/mo

2. BASE – a Digital Business Mastery Course which cost $597.

3. RISE – a Digital Marketing Mastery Course which cost $1997 which was the one my mentor was convincing me to pay.

4. ASCEND – a Digital Business Profit Workshop which cost a whooping $9,997.

5. PEAK – a Business Proper Retreat which cost a massive $27,997.

From Base to Peak you pay the corresponding amount once only.  But a word of caution though you have to be ready to have enough budget to fund many more upsells.


What are the advantages (pros) of joining Digital Altitude? 

Accordingly, you don’t need any of the following to be able to be successful in your DA online business.

  • no technical knowledge needed
  • no need to create products
  • no need to write sales copy
  • no need to design graphics
  • no need to build websites
  • no need to set up email autoresponders
  • no need to integrate payments processors

All of the above mentioned has already been done and built for you once you purchase any of the 5 digital products mentioned. But likewise all of these are still remain to be seen.

Another advantage is you will be given an online mentor or a 6 figure business coach who is assigned to help and guide you with the training via a Skype meeting which is every after each training although it last only about less than 10 minutes or 10 minutes max.

One of his responsibilities as well is to convince you (at the end of the 14 day trial period) to purchase a more advanced program other than Aspire.

Based on my personal experience, the training was all good, it is systematized and organized, follow up emails were on time, Skype booking and meeting with the mentor was also okay.  But…

What about the disadvantages (cons)?

In my opinion, some of the disadvantages of this business models are the following…

  • Requires more upsells – you are not really sure if what you paid (for example at $37/mo) is the only payment you will incur. I was ready to pay this amount when I finished the 14 day trial period but my mentor was convincing me to pay almost $2t euros for the BASE product in order to be entitled to a bigger commission if and when someone signed in my behalf.
  • Not very affordable – aside from the ASPIRE business model, the other business models from BASE to PEAK are not very affordable to many and if ever it is the case you should really be ready to gamble with your money and take the risk.
  • Must have enough budget for advertisement – based on what I understood from my mentor, you will also have to pay for the funding of your advertisement and it’s not just a bit of money but a lot of money.

When I started the training I was so enthusiastic about the possibility of owning an online business.

In fact I was always looking forward to the training and actually finished everything until the very last conversation I had with my mentor convincing me that it is the best online business out there and even asking me to make a loan so I can purchase the (BASE) product.  The photo below showed the emails sent to me by Michael Force and my mentor.

I tell you, I was almost convinced,  even asked my husband to give me an additional 600 euros to complete the amount of $1997.00.

But that amount was for me a lot so before committing and saying yes to my mentor, I went to google about what Digital Altitude really is and found several reviews which were not in favor of DA.

However,  I found one which said a lot of positive things about the company.

I also found out some people regretting to have joined the company and having difficulty reimbursing the capital they’ve put out usually ranging from $597.00 to $1997.00

And because of this I also came across  another company (WA) which I joined later.

If you are looking for an online business where you can start for free or at a very affordable price, I recommend you check out this link.

Is DIGITAL ALTITUDE for you? Who is it for?

If you want to have a first hand experience of the company I suggest you test drive their 14 day trial period for 1 dollar and see for yourself what and how the business model is about.

If you are ready to invest your hard earned money to purchase the more advanced business model and is willing to take a risk then maybe it is for you.

It is for people who have already a track record of successful businesses online and still want to amass more wealth and widen their influences.

But if you are aspiring to create and start an online business, I believe there are more products and services out there suitable for you.


In my opinion, Digital Altitude is for seasoned digital entrepreneurs who are already very successful online and who has enough money to spend on additional expenses like advertisement and many other hidden fees.

They are not for people who are contemplating on starting an online business whose budget is very minimal.

Starting a business online should not require you to pay a lot because it is not that easy to earn back what you paid for.

There are so many things that you should know, learn and acquire in order to build a thriving business.

A company or any company for that matter should not make any false promises that it is easy to earn online. It requires hard work, knowledge and skills to be able to earn your first dollar online.



Website –

Owner – Michael Force

Price – 37/mo plus many upsells

Verdict – legit 6 stars out of 10


I had been “fooled” a few times. Because I am so eager to start an online business, I grab every opportunity I was presented.

I didn’t even bother to research more about a certain product and with the beauty of their advertisement I was enticed to pay a certain amount only to find out that I will have to start from scratch.

Would you want to be left out on your own to figure everything out?  Of course not.

What a waste of time and money.

The rich quick scheme which some companies want to project is a bogus. It doesn’t exist at all.

Starting a business whether online or offline requires knowledge, skills, hard work, determination and persistence.

If you are considering to start an online business, you have to look for these qualities.

A company which…

  • is trustworthy and transparent in all their business transactions.
  • has a proven track record and is not involved with any scam or lawsuits.
  • aims to help an aspiring online entrepreneur and not just after the money or profit.
  • does not charge so much but over deliver for a very affordable price.
  • has a systematized and organized lessons or courses which is easy to follow and not complicated.
  • has a solid help and support you can count on.
  • make it easy for you to create and build a website literally in 30 seconds.
  • has everything you would wish for to learn all about internet or online business and/or affiliate marketing.

Are you ready to explore and experience the above mentioned?  In a  company which has a solid foundation to help you start your journey of creating and building an online business?

It will teach you the step by step process for you to be successful eventually.

If you are ready….  then what are you waiting for…. C’mon, hop in…..

I welcome you wholeheartedly to ….


If you have any question or want to clarify something, please feel free to leave your comment below and I will be more than willing to answer your queries asap.

All the best,


















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4 Comments on “DIGITAL ALTITUDE REVIEW : Is it legit or a scam?”

  1. Hi there, thanks a lot for the information. The DA program seems to be a very expensive option. I like the idea of all the integrated features like email autoresponder and payment … but to pay thousands of euros is impossible for me.
    I prefer the alternative, WA for small money but a lot of gadgets.
    One question, with which program did you create this great looking post?

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it. Yes, I agree, learning how to start a business online doesn’t have to be very expensive. I am very happy I found Wealthy Affiliate because it is not only very affordable but everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing is included. I actually have a post about it here (WA Review) as well. I wrote it at SiteRubix platform where you can also build a website and access your domains, etc which is also included in the membership at WA. I hope I was able to help.

      Kind regards,
      Arline 🙂

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