Build your FREE Website in 4 easy steps

Has it ever occurred to you at any point in your life to build a website of your own?

Have you ever tried building one? If yes, how was it?

Was it easy? Or did you have a hard time?

Was it overwhelming? Or was it annoying?

Or did you have fun creating it? Because creating a website should be FUN…… and just that. You should have fun creating it amidst the challenges if there is any.

And did you finish it? Or did you abandon it?

Were you satisfied after it was done?

If you haven’t tried at all building a website and you are planning to do that, then this post is relevant for you.

But before anything else, Let me tell you my story….

The first time I tried building a website was when I purchased a Learn to Blog program in 2014.  I thought it was really going to be very easy… but I was wrong.

Below was just one of the emails I sent asking support to help me set up the website.

To make the long story short. Time and money wasted.

The second and third attempt was following a Youtube video. It went pretty well. I was ecstatic.

Imagine, the thought of having my own website running  just following a YT video on how to build a website was really exciting.

Even bought a slider needed for my website but at the last stroke, I encountered a problem.  I asked my husband, a software developer about the issue I had and he even explained to me how it can be done but …. I still didn’t understand.  Wasn’t it annoying? …it was…  lol

It was really a struggle.

And what do you think happened? I was annoyed, was overwhelmed and ended up abandoning it. Again, time and money wasted.

There were still some few attempts and there was one that I managed to build but there was no real commitment to make it better because I really don’t know how I could do it.

Until….. I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in April 2016.

Now, I can truly say that I have a better understanding on how a website is built  and everything really made sense.

BUILD A WEBSITE in literally 30 seconds – the Wealthy Affiliate way.

First of all, if you are really serious about building a website of your own whether it’s just for the sake of having one or for more important reasons you need to know the following.

  • Your Why?
  • When should it be built?
  • How should it be built?
  • Where should it be built?

We will tackle each one of these questions so you will have a better grasp of the importance of having a website.

Why should you built a website?

Let us first understand what a website is.

A website is a connected group of pages on World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics.

This is the simplest meaning I can find in the internet via the

For example, where you are at now is in my website (www.makeyouronlinepresenceprofitbable)  which has 4 pages and  is maintained by yours truly and which is devoted to the topic of online businesses such as online or internet marketing and more specifically affiliate marketing.

Why do you need a website in the first place?

If you are like me, the idea of having a website was something that made me very excited back then.  Just thinking of having my own website made me so happy.

The reason I wanted to have a website  was because I wanted to write or blog about what’s happening in my life, stories about people, places, nature, foods, books, my passion and a lot more.

I intended to use it  as my platform to hone my skills in writing.

So my advice would be that you should really know your number one REASON why you want to build a website. From there you would be able to explore many different subjects.

Now on to the next question.

When should you built your website?

There is really no specific months, dates. days or times you should build your website.

You can actually build it anytime, even now… today.

The only thing that you should know is this…

Once you built it, you should be ready to maintain it.

How can you do this?

By creating valuable contents related to what you really want your website to be known for or something related to your niche which I will explain in a li’l bit.

Now on to the most important question….

How should you built it?

It’s very easy, Like what I’ve said, it can be built within 30 seconds literally.

And in 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose the kind of Website
  2. Choose a Domain
  3. Choose a Website Name
  4. Choose a Design

Let’s dig in to each of these 4 steps.

Step 1. Choosing the kind of Website

In choosing the kind of website you want to build, the first thing to do is to know where do you want to build it.

And obviously, since I am a premium member of the WA community I chose to build it at Siterubix which is a website platform owned, maintained and operated by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a 12 + year successful technology company which has the most advanced, uncomplicated website platform in the world, an industry leader in the website development space.

Lets take a little peek inside Wealthy Affiliate…

What you see at the photo above is just a part of your dashboard at WA. At the left side are the different boards or boxes assigned to all the activities that you can do inside Wealthy Affiliate. When you click the blue box Siterubix , it will show different options to click on, you then choose the Site Builder.

After that, the photo below will show….

In choosing the kind of website, you can build it on a free domain or on a domain you own.

Step 2. Choosing a domain

To understand more of what  a domain is….

I would like to quote Kyle (one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate) in the explanation of what domain means.

He said ” It’s your piece of virtual real state” meaning you can own it. It is literally like a piece of real state that you bought and you are given the title or the ownership.

Building it on a free domain

This is what you will see…

At the example above – I chose to build in on a free domain so it will look  like this

When you choose a name for your website, it will show if it’s available or not ( like what you see in the example) when it’s not available you have to think of another name and try again until this shows…  “Awesome, it’s available”

Or you can build it on a domain you own.

This is what it will look like….

The register your domain is when you have a website hosted by another platform and you want to register it at Wealthy Affiliate. Transferring it at Wealthy Affiliate is not complicated but will take a bit of work.

Step 3. Choosing a Website Name 

This is kinda easy, you can literally choose your name as your website name or as I have mentioned before you can name it before a hobby or an interest that you are very passionate about as in the case below…





Your website’s name or title will be the same as your domain name but as you can see you can always change your website title or name later.

Step 4. Choosing a Design

A website design is how you want your website to look like.

As a Starter member you can choose from 12 beautifully handpicked website’s design.

As a Premium member you have the opportunity to choose from more than 2800 designs or themes.



Choose the design or theme that is most applicable to the website name or the niche that you chose.

Niche?  What is that? I want to quote Kyle again about what a niche is… here’s his definition of it….

A “niche” is a distinct segment of a market, in other words an “audience”.

An example would be…..

If you are a guitarist and you are crazy about guitar and everything about it and you are an amazing guitar player and very passionate about it that you want to share it to people specifically young teenagers who wanted to learn how to play a guitar and you thought you will be able to help them, then this is your niche, your audience.

So you can name it as ( for example if you of course choose to host it on your own domain otherwise it will have a attached to it (

Again at Wealthy Affiliate you have the option to create a website for FREE or in other words a free website.

But you can also choose a better option by buying (in a very affordable price, more or less $15.00) your own  dot com (.com) dot net (.net) or dot org (.org) domain.

By doing this, you literally own that piece of virtual real state, meaning nobody can take it away from you anymore because you basically signed an ownership of that website.

Now let’s tackle the last question which I think is really very important…

Where should you built it?

There are a lot of platforms out there that offers what Wealthy Affiliate also offers. You will find it when you search  or google this keyword “How to build a Website” and it will show more options.

But… and this is a big BUT.  If you chose to build your website in other platforms, you will not get the help and support given by the community of successful online entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, let’s say just for this purpose of building a website, I guarantee you will be able to build your website in just a matter of minutes and not only that but you will be able to learn a lot more.

Again, the question where should it be built?

My answer is….. WHERE ELSE?

Well, you want to build it at one of the best platform there is in the market.


If you have any question or any clarification, please leave your comment below and I would be very wiling to answer your queries as soon as possible.

All the best,

Arline E. Raijmakers

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2 Comments on “Build your FREE Website in 4 easy steps”

  1. Hi Arline

    I have built a number of websites previously and every time it was challenging, time-consuming and extremely frustrating.

    When I came across Wealthy Affiliate myself, it was the websites builder that attracted my attention first and foremost. I wondered whether it could really be as easy as they said it was.

    There was only one way to find out – try it! I’m happy to say I’ve not looked back since. It is as easy as you explain in this post.

    I would also say that for beginners it’s perfect since they don’t need to spend time struggling with all the technical aspects of building a website.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it. I definitely agree with you, I’ve been there. 🙂

      Building a website on your own is really challenging and frustrating. If you are a beginner and wanted to build a website, you would need someone to teach you or a step by step instructions where you will be guided but most especially when you are at a lost, you would need someone to reach out for help and support.

      That is the case at Wealthy Affiliate. Building a website is taught in a simple easy to understand step by step process where you can build it in just a matter of seconds or minutes… yes literally.

      And you are right they will be spared from the complexity and technical aspects of building a website.

      I am also thankful that I found WA. I am not saying this because I am a member of this amazing community but it is just a fact.

      I hope that more people will be able to discover Wealthy Affiliate and that they will be able to experience why and what the tens of thousands of members there are learning and enjoying.

      See you around Mark.

      Kind regards,

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